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How to host WordPress site free forever?

Complete setup process will take only 10 Min.


WordPress is the most popular cms application, having 33% market share and that 33% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. WordPress is not only popular for the blog but also used to make a corporate website and e-commerce store using woo-commerce. According to BuiltWith Trends Among Top 10K websites 35.6% websites using WordPress. Whenever you want to start a new startup or want to write a personal blog you need a WordPress. There are many web hosting companies who provide Managed WordPress hosting ranging from $10 to $50 per month. But if they are out of your budget or you want to start from scratch, well there is good news for you don’t need to pay for WordPress hosting. You just need a domain.

Here is the step by step guide.

Create account on google cloud

Google cloud offers 1 microserver free for lifetime, and this server is enough for a low traffic website. Along with this microserver instance, you will get $300 credit for 1 year. So if you are expecting high in early days than you can use this credit to upgrade your server and then you don’t need to pay.

So Signup for google cloud and activate billing and a free trial to get the benefits. You need to set up payment details but you will not get charged. Here are the details of what you will get free:

Now Go to the console and create new project

Install WordPress On Server

Go to the Google cloud marketplace and find for WordPress image.

Here is the direct link that I used for me.

Now Click On the button LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE. And select the project name you created in the previous step.

This Process will take few minutes.

Configure the server instance

Deployment name :  (wordpress-1)

Machine Type: Micro (f1-micro) (This is important for free server resources)

Boot Disk type : SSD

Wait for a few seconds. And your WordPress is ready.

Once your server is ready you will see your WordPress ip, username and the password in the right side of the screen.

Launch wp-admin by clicking Admin URL.

Enter username and password mentioned below the link, to access the wp-admin.

Security Note: Create New admin user with secure password and delete default user account.

Your WordPress site is ready. Now Setup WordPress for public use.

Remove bitnami banner

You wordpress is ready but you need to get rid of this bitnami sticky banner.

Go back to deployment manager screen on google cloud.

And click on the SSH button in the right panel. This will open the SSH terminal window to access server.

See red area in below pic.

Now paste the below command in this terminal window.

sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig --disable_banner 1

This command will disable the bitnami banner

Now restart the server by running the below command

sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache

And refresh your wordpress site and bitnami banner will be gone.

Configure Domain.

To configure the site for your domain go to your domain registrar’s account and configure A recode and use the IP displayed in your WordPress site (as available with Site Address)

Refer this link for Godaddy :


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    • Ahmad Syukri
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      Ahmad Syukri Ahmad Syukri

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      need to setup billing with CC…

      • Bansal
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        Bansal Bansal

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        Yes. But you will not be charged for Hosting. There is no charges until you cross the free usage limit. I have not yet paid anything to for Hosting.

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